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Resettlement in Germany - What does the admission programme for particularly vulnerable refugees achieve?

Date 10 July 2018
type brief analysis

The thirteenth BAMF-Brief Analysis demonstrates the key principles on which Germany's resettlement programme is based.

2017 Annual Report of the Research Centre

Date 29 June 2018
type Booklet

The Annual Report provides an overview of the major topics the Migration, Integration and Asylum Research Centre has worked on in 2017. It presents both already completed and still on-going research projects and it introduces publications, events, lectures as well as media services.

Flyer: Prospects: Voluntary Return

Date 11 June 2018
type Flyer

This flyer provides information on Counselling services, assisted voluntary return programms, reintegration.

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Flyer "Return an reintegration Kosovo"

Date 8 June 2018
type Flyer

This project flyer provides information on the reintegrationprojekt URA and is available in German, Albanian, Serbian, English and French.

Qualification standards of asylum applicants in 2017

Date 29 May 2018
type brief analysis

The twelfth BAMF Brief Analysis presents findings on the social structure, school attendance and the most recent occupations in the countries of origin of asylum seekers of legal age.

Unaccompanied Minors in Germany

Date 23 May 2018
Order number FFWP80
type Survey

Over the last years, a high number of unaccompanied children and juveniles has arrived in Germany. The study examines the legal framework as well as the situation of unaccompanied minors and provides the latest relevant statistics.

EMN Bulletin Nr. 22

Date 22 May 2018
type report

A Report from the European Migration Network for the period from January 2018 to March 2018

The housing situation of refugees

Date 11 May 2018
type brief analysis

Brief analysis 02|2018 provides information on how refugees were living in the second half of 2016 who had come to Germany from January 2013 up to and including January 2016. The Brief analysis also reveals what factors may influence whether refugees live in individual or shared accommodation.

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There have been several occasions very recently in which people have pretended to be employees of the Federal Office and asked for an interview at which they questioned asylum applicants intensively. This took place in some cases on the pretext that a second hearing was allegedly needed. Important: The Federal Office does not conduct home visits! These individuals do not work for the Federal Office. The Federal Office has therefore filed criminal charges. If something similar happens to you, or if you observe anything of this nature as a carer, please report this to your local police station.Interviewers from reputable survey institutes who are currently conducting interviews as part of research projects in which data are collected on a voluntary basis clearly state who they are working for. They also give the name of the survey institute and prove this by showing the appropriate documentation. This means that you can make enquiries should you have any doubts.

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