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Information for users

Useful tips and information for using the internet service of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

The Help pages cover the following topics:

  • screen resolution and browser compatibility
  • barrier-free access

Screen resolution and browser compatibility

The Internet pages have been optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels and newer-version browsers. Some of them use JavaScript. JavaScript is a fixed element of current browser versions. No Java applets have been used. You can also use this website if you have deactivated the use of JavaScript and Java applets in the security settings (the pages will also work without JavaScript).

Barrier-free access

The service has been provided in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Ordinance on the Establishment of Barrier-free Information Technology in accordance with the Act on Equality of Persons with Disabilities.


The pages have a uniform structure; navigation and the content are broken down into separate areas. Typing ALT+0 and Enter will take you directly to the contents page.

Table of contents

The Table of contents shows you the basic structure of the pages. You can click on the individual links to go directly to the page that interests you.

Changing the font size

You can configure the font size according to your individual viewing wishes. Internet Explorer lets you choose the "Text size" on the "View" menu item. If you are using Firefox, you can click on the "View" menu item and then "Zoom" and can change the font size with "Larger" or "Smaller".

Choice of language

Words which are not in Duden's "Deutsches Universalwörterbuch" are marked with a language label. This enables for instance a reading program to select the correct pronunciation.

PDF documents

We have been offering barrier-free PDFs since May 2009. All barrier-free PDFs are labelled "barrier-free". If you would like to have an older PDF document or a publication in a barrier-free form, please let us know via the e-mail contact. (Ref.: PDF barrier-free).

A small number of documents are not barrier-free for a variety of reasons, such as because their content changes on a weekly basis, they contain foreign languages that are not supported or have content with highly extensive statistical and table data. These are labelled accordingly.


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