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Coveransicht des Tagungsbandes der EMN-Tagung Unbegleitete Minderjährige in Deutschland und Europa

27 July 2018 EMN Conference on Unaccompanied Minors

Experts from Germany and EU Member States came together to discuss the situation of unaccompanied minors in Germany and Europe at the Annual Conference of the German national contact point for the EMN.

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Links ein älterer Mann, der in einem Sessel sitzt und Zeitung liest. In der Mitte ein Junge und zwei Mädchen, die an ihren Schultischen sitzen. Der Junge und ein Mädchen zeigen auf. Rechts ein Verkehrkehrspolizist in gelber Warnweste.

9 February 2018 New film series: The Basic Law

On what values is our coexistence founded? What is the meaning of equal rights? Six explanatory films provide clear answers to these and other questions relating to the Basic Law in five different languages.

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Bild-Grafik: Eine Frau mit einem Blatt Papier in der Hand steht zwischen zwei Gebäuden

27 July 2017 Information for refugees in several languages

In order to ensure that those seeking protection are better informed about the different stages of the asylum procedure, the Federal Office has developed a range of information that is available in a large number of languages: A film, an accompanying brochure, as well as an information guide.

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Cover Digitisation Agenda 2020

14 December 2018 A "digital, breathing" public authority

The Federal Office's Digitisation Agenda 2020, launched in 2016, comprises 115 different projects and procedures. Having reached the halfway point, the authority has taken stock and provided an outlook on further steps in digital development.

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Cover EMN WP 82

31 October 2018 Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals

The study provides an overview of the framework conditions, current status and measures by the government and private-sector to improve the labour market integration of third-country nationals in Germany.

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