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Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The Federal Office will be happy to advise you if you obtained your professional qualifications outside Germany and would like to use them on the German labour market.

You can reach the hotline “Working and Living in Germany” for an initial consultation on the following number: + 49 30-1815-1111 (standard German landline tariffs apply).

In the consultation you can choose to receive initial information in either German or English concerning the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany. We will also try to help you find the office responsible for the recognition process in your profession. You will also find out how the process works, whom you should approach for a detailed and personal advisory interview and which documents you need.

You also have the option of sending your questions concerning the recognition of foreign professional qualifications to us. To this end there is a contact form available in German and English. Please note that we need various details to provide appropriate information. This will help us to respond to your enquiry more quickly.

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Please note that we cannot check the equivalence of your qualification over the telephone. This check will be carried out by the office responsible.

Date 17 December 2015

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Working and Living in Germany

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Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Since 1 April 2012, professional qualifications gained outside Germany can be compared with the requirements set for this profession in Germany. This flyer contains information about how the process works, how much it costs and how long it lasts.

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Fraud Phone Calls!

The Federal Office has been informed that individuals are once more being threatened by anonymous callers. The callers claim to be employees of the Federal Office and threaten deportation unless a specific sum of money is paid. Please be aware that such calls are not made by the federal office. For your safety: Please try not to give or confirm any personal details when you receive such a call. Never pay money to blackmailers.


Fraud Phone Calls