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The transition from school to apprenticeship

The transition from school to career is an important time in life. Pupils should therefore consider early on what they would like to do once they have finished their exams. There are many advisory programmes to help with this.

During your school days

Well before they leave school (one or two years before their final exams), pupils should consider the career that they would like to pursue. They can find out about the various different careers in careers information centres (BIZ) at employment agencies and consider which careers suit their personal strengths and weaknesses. Pupils can also test out if a specific career really suits them by undertaking some work experience.

After your schooldays

If young adults do not find an apprenticeship immediately after taking their final exams, there are various bridging measures to help with looking and applying for apprenticeships. Language courses often constitute one of these measures, as specific specialist terms and language are required for everyday professional life.

During the apprenticeship

Even once they have found an apprenticeship, young people sometimes still need support to help them adjust to working life. Do not be afraid to ask for advice.

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There are many projects that help with starting out in professional life. Many begin during your schooldays. They offer help with careers advice, preparing for apprenticeships and careers, and can also often help you during your training. Find out which programmes are available from your local youth migration services or the youth careers service.

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You can obtain further information in your area from:

  • the Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants and the Youth Advisory Service
  • the employment agency
  • youth welfare offices
  • schools
  • education offices
Date 17 December 2015

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