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Fact sheet

The electronic residence title is in ID-1 format. This is the 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm size you may already know from many other plastic cards encountered in daily life. The body of the cards consists of several layers of plastic, and is an ideal size to fit into any wallet.

This new document contains numerous security features that make it harder to falsify. These include security printing with multi-coloured lined structures and microscripts, embossed surfaces, an integrated security thread, holograms and optically variable ink (OVI) images.

In addition, you will now find the 6-digit access number on the front of the electronic residence title. You can use this in future to transfer your data if you use the online ID card function and you have already entered your PIN incorrectly twice.

Front of a sample document eAT with labeling

Back of a sample document eAT with labeling

N.B.: See key below

On the back of the card you will find a logo that identifies Internet applications, vending machines and card readers that support the new functions.

The two semi-circles that form a full circle in the logo represent the use of the document in the online and offline worlds. They also serve as a symbol of the principle of mutual identification between the document holder and providers of such services.

There is a computer chip embedded inside the electronic residence title that implements the new electronic functions.

To whom is the electronic residence title issued?

The document is issued to all third-country nationals as a personal document.

Existing residence titles in passports and substitute identity papers will remain valid until 31 August 2021 at most.

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Please note that issuing an electronic residence title takes a few weeks. Therefore you should apply for your residence title in good time. This also applies to obtaining a new passport, since you will only receive a new residence title if your passport is valid.

Key to figs. above:

German designationEnglish designation
AugenfarbeEye colour
GeburtsdatumDate of birth
GeburtsortPlace of birth
Ausstellende AusländerbehördeIssuing immigration authority
Date 18 December 2015

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