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Parents and school


As parents, you are the experts when it comes to your children.

Your child should achieve a good final school grade and find a career that suits him or her. As parents you have an important task: Attending parents’ evenings and having regular conversations with teachers are just as important in achieving a good final grade as your child attending school regularly and doing his or her homework.

Information and events

It is not easy to understand the German school system and support your child.

Therefore, at the beginning of the school year parents at the school are given a lot of written information, e.g. as letters or leaflets that the children bring home.

Events are held to which partents are invited. This enables you to find out how lessons are organised, what your child will learn, the materials your child needs and who your child’s teachers are. This information and having contact with teachers is important so that you can support your child and work well together with the school.

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If you want to support your child, you should know about how the school day works, and keep an eye on how your child is progressing. Schools organise parents' evenings and give opportunities to discuss issues which may arise. You can use these opportunities to talk to your child's teachers and bring up any problems. All German schools have committees of parents' representatives who you can contact to exchange information and experience with other parents! Each Land also has a regional parents' representation committee which will be pleased to help you with advice.

Active in school life

As parents you can also actively participate in school life. Sometimes there is the opportunity to present your culture and language at parties, on excursions or as part of a project. Another opportunity to be involved is through the institutionalised committees and different types of parent representation, above all at form or school level.

In Germany there is not a single name for parent representations. Depending on the Federal Land, they are called Elternbeirat, Elternrat, Elternausschuss, Elternkuratorium or Elternpflegschaft. The aim of these bodies is to facilitate cooperation, based on trust, between school and home, and to involve parents in all important decisions. This applies for example to drawing up, updating or amending teaching programmes and cost structuring.

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You can obtain further information in your area from:

  • the Migration Advice Service for Adult Immigrants (MBE) and Youth Migration Services (JMD)
  • the school authority/education authority
  • direct from the schools
  • parents' representation bodies and parental networks
  • education counselling offices
  • migrant organisations.
Date 17 December 2015

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