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The "Life in Germany" test

The "Life in Germany" test takes place on a specific date after the orientation course has finished. It includes questions about Germany’s political system, its religious diversity and equal rights for men and women.

The list of questions for the "Life in Germany" test and the orientation course curriculum provide an overview of all the important subjects covered by the test.

What can I expect in the "Life in Germany" test?

Each test candidate receives a test paper with a total of 33 multiple-choice questions. There are four possible answers for each question. The candidates must put a cross beside the correct answer in each case. Candidates have 60 minutes to answer 33 questions. To pass the test, candidates must answer at least 15 of the 33 questions correctly. In accordance with section 1 sentence 3 of the Ordinance concerning the Naturalisation Test, it is mandatory to answer 17 of the 33 questions correctly in order to prove your knowledge as specified by section 10 subs. 1 sentence 1 No. 7 of the Nationality Act.

How can I prepare for the "Life in Germany" test?

Preparing for the test is part of the orientation course. If you would like to familiarise yourself with the test in advance, you can download a sample test paper here. The sample test paper shows what the test paper used for the "Life in Germany" tests looks like. On the day of the examination, each candidate receives his or her own test paper with 33 questions. It goes without saying that all test papers are of the same standard of difficulty.

Practise in the online test centre

You can work interactively with both the sample test paper and the list of questions in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees’ online test centre. This allows you to prepare for the "Life in Germany" test whilst attending the course. You will find the interactive sample test by following the links in the right-hand column.

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You will can navigate to the interactive applications via the links in the right-hand column. These applications can be used to prepare for the online "Life in Germany" test.

Once you have worked your way through the online list of questions you will be shown the correct answer to each of the 310 questions. You can of course also fill in the online sample test paper and check to see if you have got the answers correct.

Date 10 October 2013

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