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Initial orientation courses for asylum applicants

The initial orientation courses for asylum applicants focus on everyday life in Germany. The courses offer you important information and an initial knowledge of the German language, so as to help you find your bearings in Germany.

Target group

The initial orientation courses are aimed primarily at asylum applicants who originate from a country which does not have a high recognition rate (good prospects of staying in Germany) but which equally does not constitute a safe country of origin.

Should places still be available after covering this main target group, asylum applicants with good prospects of being able to stay in Germany may also attend an initial orientation course, if they are not (yet) able to take part in an integration course.

People who are required to attend school cannot take part in the initial orientation courses.

Contents of the courses

The courses are based on the concept "Initial orientation and grounding in German for asylum applicants". The following topics are covered:

  • Everyday life in Germany
  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Health/medical care
  • Nursery school/school
  • Use of media in Germany
  • Finding your way around/transport/mobility
  • Customs and traditions in Germany/local peculiarities
  • Talking about oneself and other people/social contact
  • Accommodation
  • Values and social co-existence

For teaching purposes, the body offering the course chooses five topics from the overall concept which suit the needs of those attending the course. The module "Values and social co-existence" is mandatory for everyone attending the courses. Here you will learn about the fundamental values underpinning life in Germany and how these are manifested in everyday life.
The theoretical contents are complemented by excursions - for example to authorities, a library or the market. These excursions will provide you with additional assistance in finding your bearings and give you an opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt.

Scope of the courses

A course consists of six modules, each comprising 50 teaching units (= 45 minutes), adding up to a total of 300 teaching units.


Participation in the course is voluntary and free of charge. If you are interested in attending an initial orientation course, please contact one of the bodies offering the courses in your federal state. The relevant bodies are stated in the list in the right-hand column. Here you will find the bodies currently offering the courses, together with contacts for your federal state. New bodies are continually being added to the list.

Date 22 August 2017

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