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Brochure on the Basic Law

What is the significance of gender equality in Germany? How far does freedom of speech and freedom of the press go? What obligations apply to everyone? The brochure "The Basic Law - Cornerstone of our society" provides answers based on examples from everyday life to these and other questions. The brochure explains in straightforward language the significance of the Basic Law and how it applies to everyday life in Germany. The aim of the brochure is to help you in adjusting to life in Germany.

It is rounded off by reports by men and women, some of whom have immigrated to Germany themselves, who relate what they personally associate with the Basic Law and its contents. Various info boxes additionally provide references to further information and key contacts.

The publication is available in Germany, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. You can download it or order it free of charge from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (see link in right-hand column).

Date 22 August 2017

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