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Preventive medical check-ups and inoculations

Many illnesses are easy to treat if they are diagnosed at an early stage. Early recognition and preventive check-ups help to do this. Health insurance funds pay for many preventive check-ups. Your doctor will be happy to advise you.

Inoculations are some of the most important and effective preventive measures. Modern vaccines can be tolerated well and protect patients from serious illnesses. In Germany, having inoculations is a voluntary matter. However there are some preventive inoculations that are recommended. The costs for these inoculations are met by the health insurance funds.

Health care and vaccinations for children

As infectious diseases are particularly dangerous for babies and children, the first vaccinations should be given when babies are just three months old. By the time they are 14 months old, your children should be immunised against the most dangerous illnesses.

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In Germany specific inoculations for babies, children, young people and adults are recommended. These are summarised in an inoculation calendar. The inoculation calendar (Impfkalender) is available on the website of the Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für Gesundheitliche Aufklärung) (tab "Infomaterialien") in German and several foreign languages.

Early detection check-ups for children

In Germany there are standard early detection check-ups for children from birth to when they begin school, known as the U1 to U9 check-ups. These regular check-ups help to diagnose and treat developmental disorders and diseases in children from an early age. The costs for early recognition check-ups are met by the health insurance funds. The early detection check-ups should take place at specific points during your child’s development. Participating in the scheme is voluntary but it is important to have regular check-ups to support your child’s development. Arrange a specific appointment with your paediatrician.

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You can obtain further information about local services in your area from:

  • the migration advisory service for adult immigrants and the youth advisory service,
  • general practitioners,
  • paediatricians,
  • health insurance funds,
  • the local health authority.
Date 17 December 2015

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