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Leisure and sport programmes

You will meet new people and make contacts when participating in sport and other leisure activities. This also leads to bridges being built between different cultures; prejudices disappear, mutual trust grows and a feeling of community spirit develops.

Music, dance and sport as important contributions to integration work

Music, dance and sport offer young people the opportunity to get to know each other better and to create something new together. This breaks down prejudices and improves young peoples’ skills in many different areas.

In sport there are defined rules and norms that apply to everyone. Thus, sport teaches patterns of behaviour and gives a sense of focus, contributing towards integration into society. Sporting success increases an individual’s feeling of self-worth. People who play sports have fun and receive affirmation, learn to deal with success and frustration, and experience tolerance and respect. Sports clubs are therefore places in which you can use your own skills as an (amateur) athlete, and also as a volunteer. 

The "Integration through sport" programme

At the initiative of the Federal Government, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) founded the “Integration through sport” programme in 1989 in the form of “Sport with resettlers”. The aim of the programme, which is sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, is to allow immigrants to participate in the life of various different associations and in training and competitions over the long term.

A wide range of sporting and leisure programmes is offered by the clubs: In addition to volleyball, handball, basketball and gymnastics, there are also specialist courses such as Sambo, boxing and wrestling. In conjunction with other organisations, events are organised such as street football tournaments, midnight sports, indoor tournaments, intercultural parties and holiday leisure events.

How can I take part?

Many different leisure activities are available locally. The migration advisory service for adult immigrants (MBE) and the youth migration service (JMD) will be happy to help you find suitable leisure options for you and will give you the contact details for the relevant associations and leisure facilities in your local area.

You can search for sports programmes in your area in the “Sport and integration” (ISI) database. These programmes particularly emphase providing support for integration and enabling people with and without a migrantion background to play sports together. You will find the link to the database on the right-hand side.

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If you are involved in a sports club that offers speciaIf you are involved in a sports club that offers special sports programmes to help people integrate, you can enter the relevant details in the ISI database and make information about the programme available to other interested parties.l sports programmes to help people integrate, you can enter the relevant details in the ISI database and make information about the programme available to other interested parties.

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You can obtain further information in your area from:

  • the Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants and the Youth Advisory Service
  • sports associations
  • migrant organisations and associations
  • voluntary welfare organisations.
Date 17 December 2015

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