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Programmes for ethnic German resettlers

There is a special integration programme for ethnic German resettlers: the "Identity and Integration PLUS" course. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees funds this special programme, which  is implemented by various course providers locally. The "Identity and Integration PLUS" course builds on the integration course and is offered in keeping with the provisions of section 9 subs. 4 of the Federal Expellees Act (Bundesvertriebenengesetz).

Course topics

As part of the course, the attendees tackle the following issues in particular:

  • issues relating to their specific identity, e.g. their view of and experiences with German culture and ways of living
  • challenges and opportunities in the new everyday environment, including experiencing and reflecting on various everyday situations such as dealing with public authorities, attending doctors’ surgeries and in discussions with teachers
  • possibilities and opportunities on the German labour market, such as programmes offered by the Employment Agency
  • education system issues in Germany, such as: How and where can I study for a school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship or have my existing qualifications recognised?
  • everyday issues and family, such as: How does the health system work in Germany? How do I apply for a childcare place for my child?

The course is intended to help you become independent in your community and make it easier for you to integrate. An important part of the course is the practical exercises, such as training in applying for jobs, the aim of which is to help you find work.

The course duration

The course comprises 200 lessons. The exact course times (full time or part time) can be discussed with the relevant course provider directly.

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Since July 2009, in addition to ethnic German resettlers, relatives of ethnic German resettlers have also been able to attend the course if they immigrated with the ethnic German resettler in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the Residence Act (section 8 subs. 2 of the Federal Expellees Act) The course is not available to other groups/categories of people.

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You can obtain further information in your area from:

  • the Migration Advisory Service for Adult Immigrants and the Youth Advisory Service
  • ethnic German resettlers' organisations.
Date 17 December 2015

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