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Putting people first: providing security, creating opportunities, embracing change

Nurturing a Culture of Welcome

Most newly-arrived immigrants in Germany have a lot of questions, and are keen to establish contacts with people in their new area. The Federal Office therefore supports projects which welcome new immigrants and help them to take their first steps in their new environment.

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Joint civic commitment

Whether it be training in a sports club, after-school tuition or language courses, many leisure and additional programmes would not be possible without volunteers. Immigrants play a crucial role in this aspect of life. 

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Leisure and sport programmes

Educational leisure programmes such as sport, music and dance can help you to integrate. This is why the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees supports appropriate leisure programmes.

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Enhancing skills

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees supports special projects to promote integration and to prevent violence and criminality among vulnerable young people and those who display anti-social behaviour.

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Programmes for ethnic German resettlers

The "Identity and Integration PLUS" course is aimed at ethnic German resettlers. The issues covered on the course include identity issues, challenges and opportunities in everyday life, and the German labour market.

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Programmes for women

You can learn German in special women’s courses and find out more about life in Germany. You do not need any prior knowledge and the learning speed will be paced to your requirements.

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