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Pregnancy and maternity leave

If you are pregnant, you may find you have a lot of unanswered questions. You can learn more here about the advice and support on offer.

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Parental allowance and parental leave

In Germany, the State helps you raise your children. Parental allowance and parental leave are the most important benefits for parents. You can find out more here.

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Zwei Mädchen flüstern sich etwas zu / Foto: Ekkehart Schmidt

Child benefit and other benefits

The German State supports parents by providing a child benefit payment. Fathers and mothers on a low income are also entitled to receive other benefits. You can find further information here.

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In Germany there are various childcare options available. It is important for children to attend a child daycare centre. This is where they are supported and learn German.

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Assistance for families in crisis

Crises and disputes affect every family at some time. If an argument gets out of hand and even results in violence, you should ask for professional help. You can find out where to find help here.

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Wichtige Mitteilung

2016 Annual Report of the Research Centre

The Annual Report provides an overview of the major topics dealt with in the work of the Migration, Integration and Asylum Research Centre in 2016. A new series of publications was established in the shape of the BAMF’s Brief analyses.


Jahresbericht 2016 des Forschungszentrums Migration, Integration und Asyl