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Cultural facilities

The range of culture in Germany has developed over hundreds of years. Germany's federal structure and the independence of the Länder in cultural matters results in a very diverse cultural scene. Often towns and communities are the organisers, for example, of town festivals or arts festivals. They also finance or support local cultural centres and facilities such as libraries, museums and theatres.

Cultural facilities in Germany – a few figures

In Germany there are:

  • 6,200 museums (of which 630 are art galleries)
  • 820 theatrical venues (including musical theatres and opera houses)
  • 130 professional orchestras
  • 8,800 libraries
  • 94,300 new publications or new editions of books each year
  • 33 places of cultural and natural interest under the protection of the UNESCO world heritage scheme

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Take advantage of the cultural events on offer. You will improve your language skills, obtain an impression of the cultural life and leisure activities in Germany and have the opportunity to meet new people.

Find out about cultural events from:

  • advertising hoardings
  • newspapers and magazines
  • radio
  • television
  • the internet

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Please remember that you must register your television and radio sets with the licence fee collection agency (Gebühreneinzugszentrale) (GEZ) The relevant forms can be obtained from banks and savings banks (Sparkassen) and they are also available on the internet.

Date 18 January 2011

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