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Migrants' organisations

There are many organisations in Germany in which people with a migrant background come together. Most migrant organisations operate at a local level as associations, and people work for these organisations as volunteers. In addition there are some nationwide umbrella associations. Many of these – whether large or small, whether active locally or nationally – help to support migrants' integration. Parents’ associations, in which parents with a migrant background are involved because they are concerned about their children’s education, make an important contribution to this work.

Competent helpers and contacts

The members of migrants' organisations usually have personal experience of migration, and are therefore particularly good at helping new arrivals to settle down in Germany.

The organisations are as different and diverse as the immigrants themselves. These include:

  • leisure and sports clubs,
  • cultural associations,
  • religious associations and religious communities,
  • workers’ associations,
  • political associations,
  • youth and students’ associations,
  • sports associations,
  • trade associations, and
  • parents’ associations.

Migrants' organisations often offer a wide variety of services, such as

  • interpreting services,
  • advice,
  • events,
  • courses and further training events,
  • educational programmes such as homework clubs for children,
  • parental education,
  • integration projects.

They also represent their members' interests. They are increasingly becoming contacts for policy-makers, industry and the administration.

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If you would like to know which migrant organisations are in your area or how you can become involved in a migrant organisation, your local integration board or foreigners’ advisory board, the integration officer in your community or the advisory service for adult immigrants can provide you with assistance.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees would like to contribute towards strengthening the role of migrant organisations in supporting integration.

Date 18 December 2015

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