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Associations and clubs

There are over 500,000 different clubs and associations in Germany. These are organisations of people with common interests or goals. Many people take on voluntary tasks in an association, in other words of their own free will and without payment, or simply join as members. Many of them are children and young people. As a member of an association, you can take advantage of its programme and also meet lots of people with similar interests. Some associations charge a small membership subscription.

The areas for which the clubs and associations are established can vary greatly. They include:

  • sports associations,
  • music associations,
  • social clubs,
  • youth clubs,
  • parents’ associations,
  • animal protection associations,
  • art clubs,
  • cookery clubs, and
  • computer clubs.

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If you are able to meet people in your area and to get involved in your community and with the people there, you will feel at home in your new environment more quickly. You should therefore take advantage of the programmes offered by associations in your new area.

If you would like to join and get involved in an association and become a member but do not know which associations there are in your area, the citizens’ advice bureau and the website for your area can help you.

Some sports associations also deliberately target people who are new in Germany. They try to make it easier to find your way into new groups, and they can give you advice on more than just sport, but also on everyday concerns. You will find these associations, as well as more information, on the "Integration through sport" programme of the German Olympic Sports Confederation on the Internet.

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Many clubs, associations and self-help groups support families. For example should problems occur with your children or in cases of illness, or if you need simple assistance in everyday life. The range of support options is broad. Find out which organisations are active in your area

Date 18 December 2015

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