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The written first asylum application

Date 22 December 2015
type application

The purpose of this form is to make it easier to make a written first asylum application to the Federal Office, and to speed up the process since it is possible to avoid queries relating to necessary information that is missing if it is completed in full.

This application is only available in German.

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The application can only be made in writing if one of the preconditions set out in section 14 subsection (2) of the German Asylum Act (Asylgesetz) is met:

  • The applicant holds a residence title with an overall validity of more than six months.
  • The applicant is

    • under arrest or in other official custody,
    • in a hospital, a sanatorium or an asylum, or
    • in a youth welfare institution.
  • The applicant is a minor and his or her legal representative is not required to live in a reception centre.

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