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Brochure: Studying and Working in Germany

Date 1 January 2015
type Booklet

The aim of the new brochure "Studying and Working in Germany" is to provide economic migrants and migrants who wish to acquire occupational qualifications or to pursue a course of studies in Germany with the relevant legal guidelines. The brochure lists the different possibilities of migration to Germany and would like to attend to nationals from third countries when dealing with authorities, list alternatives with regards to certain residence titles and offer information about which public authority could provide further information.

The info boxes of the brochure intend to give nationals from third countries an illustration of the respective advantages of different residence titles. The brochure only shows the most important aspects of the respective residence titles and focuses on residence on residence for education and labour migration in accordance with §§ 16-21 Aufenthaltsgesetz (German Residence Act) and on the legal requirements for the conditions of entry of family members.

display as attention: Important information:

German law on residence was repeatedly added to and revised in 2015. The brochure entitled “Studying and Working in Germany” is therefore being revised and adjusted at present in line with the current legal situation. The revised edition will also be published online here once more when it is released.

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