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2016 Annual Report of the Research Centre

Date 8 August 2017
type Booklet

The Annual Report of the Migration, integrationand Asylum Research Centre offers a comprehensive overview of the main projects and results achieved 2016. It includes a presentation of both ongoing and completed research projects, as well as introducing publications, events, lectures and media services.

The large number of asylum applicants in 2016 and the challenges faced when it comes to integrating persons entitled to protection are also reflected in the Research Centre’s topics in the period under report. As had already been the case in 2015, the focus continued to be placed on the topics of refugee protection and humanitarian reception.

The multiyear IAB-BAMF-SOEP questionnaire among individuals who have taken refuge in Germany in recent years deserves to be emphasised here. The survey is carried out jointly with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW/SOEP). Its further components include the evaluation of data on the social structure, level of qualifications and work situation of adult refugees, these data having been collected when first asylum applications were lodged ("SoKo" data), and the publication of a representative study on the circumstances and Integration of persons entitled to asylum and recognised refugees who have been living in Germany for a number of years now.

The work of the Research Centre also continues to include as a regular component the annual Migration Report drawn up on behalf of the Federal Government, as well as studies on issues under asylum and residence law within the European Migration Network (EMN). The Centre also presented in 2016 for the first time a comprehensive study on highly-qualified holders of the EU Blue Card, which examines their training, their quest for employment, prospects to remain and Integration. A new extrapolation of the number of Muslims in Germany was also presented on behalf of the German Islam Conference.

Brief analyses for quick information

The Research Centre also launched a new series of publications at the beginning of 2016 known as the "BAMF Brief analyses". They appear in addition to the previous tried-and-tested formats of the Working Papers and research reports, in which the results of the studies carried out by the Research Centre are documented in detail. The Brief analyses are to take account of the increased demand for quick information on current migration and integration policy topics. They are published on an ad hoc basis and contain both findings from ongoing studies carried out by the Research Centre and summaries of the state of knowledge on selected topics.

The research report is only available in german.

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