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EMN Glossary 6.0 "Asylum and Migration"

Date 27 August 2018
type miscellaneous

The purpose of the glossary is to provide common definitions and understanding of terms in the field of asylum and migration which are then used, for example, in the formulation of queries and undertaking of studies according to common specifications by the EMN National Contact Points. The glossary shall also be used to develop the EMN Thesaurus, the purpose of which is to permit the structured searching of documents within the EMN's Information Exchange System.

The significant number of terms, currently totalling some 470, reflects the complex nature of asylum and migration and this publication serves also as a common reference guide.

You can also find a version of the Glossary with hyperlinks on the Website of the European Migration Network.

© 2018 Copyright by Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. All rights reserved.

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