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New brochure on the German Basic Law

Date 16 June 2016

With the new brochure entitled "The Basic Law – Cornerstone of our society", the Federal Office is helping immigrants and refugees to feel at home in Germany. It describes in simple language the significance of the Basic Law and how it is lived out in everyday life.

What does equality mean in Germany? How far do freedom of opinion and of the press go? What are the obligations with which each of us must comply? The brochure provides answers to these questions as well as others. Women and men, some of whom themselves are immigrants, also speak about their personal association with the Basic Law and what it says. Several boxes also link to further information and refer to important contacts.

The brochure forms part of the Federal Office’s concept of initial orientation and value communication, which is in the process of being implemented. Following on from the brochure, explanatory films are to be published during the year.

The publication is available in German, Arabic, English, Farsi, French and Kurdish. It can be ordered free of charge from the Federal Office (see link in the right-hand column).

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Wichtige Mitteilung

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