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Information for refugees in several languages

Version 002/2017
Date 27 July 2017

Refugees applying for asylum in Germany can hardly be expected to be familiar with the complexities of the procedure. A variety of agencies provide them with large amounts of information on the asylum procedure, and not always in their native languages. In order to ensure that those seeking protection are better informed about the different stages of the asylum procedure, as well as about their rights and obligations, the Federal Office has developed a range of information that is available in a large number of languages: A film, an accompanying brochure, as well as an information guide.

BAMF President Jutta Cordt spoke about the Federal Office's new multilingual services: "It is important for displaced persons who come to Germany to know about the rights and obligations that they have within the asylum procedure. This can particularly serve to dispel their fears when it comes to dealing with the Federal Office, and in turn make the discussion easier during the interview. On the other hand, this information is however also intended to help ensure that those seeking protection know what the consequences would be if they were for instance to fail to attend their interview appointment or to cooperate in the asylum procedure."

Animated film: Rights and obligations in the Asylum Procedure

What rights and obligations do I have during the asylum procedure? What documents do I need to present? What is the Dublin check? What do I need to consider if I change address?

The new film entitled "Information on the Asylum Procedure. Your rights and obligations" answers these questions and others. The five stages of the asylum procedure are explained and presented in easy-to-understand images. The individual steps within each stage made up of "Arrival & registration", "Application in person", "The Dublin procedure", "The personal interview" and "The outcome of the asylum procedure" are described, thus helping applicants to understand what their obligations are, but also what rights they have.

The film is used as a visual aid in addition to the written information which must by law be made available when an individual applies for asylum. The film has been showing in the waiting rooms of the arrival centres for several weeks now, so that anyone can follow and understand the individual steps of the asylum procedure, whatever their level of education may be. The film is subtitled and is available in German, French, English, Arabic, Farsi and Albanian.

The brochure accompanying the film

The brochure, which is distributed when an individual applies for asylum, serves to accompany the film of the same name entitled "Information on the Asylum Procedure. Your rights and obligations", and additionally contains a personal "checklist" for applicants. The list covers the five stages of the procedure, and provides refugees with an overview and a personal orientation at all times. The brochure is currently available – in accessible format – in the following languages: German, French, English, Arabic and Albanian (the Farsi version is currently being prepared).

The information guide: Important information on the interview

Do I have to attend the interview in person? How are the appointments assigned? What happens if I fall ill on may interview day? Where do I get tickets to travel to the interview, and can I take my children along?

These are questions that are important for all refugees as the interview is the most important appointment for them in the asylum procedure. The answers can be found in an information guide which is sent to people from the main countries of origin in their respective home language (available in German, French, English, Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, Albanian, Turkish, Northern Kurdish/Kurmancî) with the official letter announcing the interview appointment.

Dissemination and utilisation of the information provided:

All the information material is also available for download at for multipliers, people working with refugees, staff in asylum social advice centres or simply anyone with an interest. The brochure accompanying the film can also be ordered via the Shopping cart function.

Source: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

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