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New film series: The Basic Law

The foundation of our coexistence

Date 9 February 2018

On what values is our coexistence founded? What is the meaning of equal rights? Six explanatory films provide clear answers to these and other questions relating to the Basic Law in five different languages.

What rights, duties and freedoms does the individual have in German society? How far do freedom of the press and freedom of expression go in Germany? The appealing and vividly illustrated explanatory films focus on the Basic Law and the values which it enshrines.

In each language version a presenter guides the viewer through the films and explains essential contents of the Basic Law, such as the equality of the sexes or the freedom of faith and the freedom to profess a religious or philosophical creed, in simple words illustrated by true-to-life scenarios. A series of concrete examples shows how these values can be lived in our personal everyday lives. Simple animations illustrate these examples in addition to the presenters’ explanations.

Values as a cornerstone of integration

The Federal Office’s newly produced film series is based on the brochure "The Basic Law – Cornerstone of our society" and serves to illustrate the brochure’s contents. The Federal Office intends the videos first and foremost to help (new) immigrants and refugees acquaint themselves with the values and norms of our constitution.

"An awareness of the values which shape our coexistence provides the foundation for integration and establishes the necessary conditions for social cohesion," explains Dr. Uta Dauke, Vice-President of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. "Our new film series is intended to provide new immigrants with a simple and true-to-life means of understanding our Basic Law and the rights and freedoms which it affords them."

In this context, the Basic Law films offer an initial means of familiarisation with our constitution. Measures such as initial orientation courses, the orientation part of the integration course and numerous integration projects serve to impart a broader knowledge of the values enshrined in law.

Five language variants

The new film series is available in the five languages German, Arabic, English, French and Farsi. A few clicks is all it takes to download the films free of charge in mp4 format - for use by volunteers and full-time staff in teaching or at events, for example. You can click on the link in the right-hand column for an overview of the films.

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