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Mortality and morbidity of migrants

Nearly all previous studies in Germany determined a lower mortality in migrant populations than in non-migrant populations.

This could be due to the "healthy-migrant effect", characterizing a (self-)selection process that chronically ill persons or persons with a disability are less likely to migrate. Or the results may be affected by poor data quality, especially in migrant populations. Migrants often fail to deregister at the local registry office when they remigrate, which leads to an overestimation of the migrant population stock in Germany.

Analysis of several determinants

In the research project several determinants of the mortality and morbidity of migrants were analysed. To estimate the mortality of migrants in Germany without data biases, further databases had to be used. Data of the German statutory pension insurance as well as from the German Central Register of Foreigners (Ausländerzentralregister) were used in this study.

The migrant population is becoming increasingly significant in view of the anticipated fall in the population size in the Federal Republic. Therefore the findings of past and present migrant morbidity and mortality are important to estimate these aspects in their relationship with gender, age, country of origin and duration of stay for the future. These findings are of particular relevance for making forecasts, prognoses and projections on the part of researchersand social insurance institutions.

Date 21 March 2013

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