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Integrated refugee management

The explanatory film introduces the "Integrated refugee management" concept of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

The film’s three chapters use attractive illustrations to show the various phases which asylum applicants go through in Germany until such time as their asylum process is complete, and how the procedural stages processed by the authorities involved are interlinked. A narrator describes the procedures and provides background information.

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Chapter 1: Arrival and registration

The illustrations contained in the first chapter show the stages ranging from arrival at the border, registration by the Federal or state police and the transfer of asylum-seekers to an arrival centre. Further scenes in the film show how personal data and identities are checked by taking fingerprints and entered in a centralised, nationwide data system. It also shows the advantages of the "proof of arrival" card for asylum applicants. The scenes simulate characteristic situations in the further stages of the procedure and potential scenarios.

Chapter 2: The asylum process

As far as possible, the entire asylum process will take place under one roof in the arrival centre – from the application, the interview and the collection of information, through to the notification of the decision. The various stages of the asylum process are also shown in successive images, and are commented on by the narrator. Depending on the nature of the decision that is taken, applicants remain in Germany and are sent on to be distributed among the local areas – or they are returned to their home countries.

Chapter 3: Integration or return

The third chapter illustrates the various integration activities available. These include the Federal Office’s integration courses, job counselling at the Federal Employment Agencies, as well as various activities available at local level where persons who are entitled to protection live once their process has been completed. The procedures for returning applicants whose asylum applications have been turned down are also shown.

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An accompanying brochure to the film is also available.

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The video "Integrated refugee management" was updated last in March 2017. Since then, there has been a change in procedure: The "Cluster procedure" is no longer in use. All current information is available on our website under "Asylum and refugee protection".

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